lazy thursday

Today the wind was really gusty. So at the end we had to cancel our kitecourses.

I was thankfull for a chance to sleep and just lay in the sun doing nothing.

Yesterday was tough to teach. Strong Poniente with big waves. Teaching bodydrag and 1st water launch in these conditions is hard work… Totally unexpected one of my students was able to get on the board on her first try. She was so stoked, she couldn’t stop smiling for hours.. These are the moments I love about this job :)


After hours of teaching and batteling against the waves and the currents it was even hard to lift my arms.. But never the less I decided to go bouldering with my good friend Bianca again.

I finished a really nice course and found a fantastic boulder which we managed to finish in two halfs.. Looking forward to complete this one on my next trip there..



Today I had a bit of everything.

Kite lessons in the beginning until the wind got too gusty and strong.

A very nice kite session myself in pretty gusty conditions with around 25-35kn and waves from all directions. Realy big jumps and hard falls, but overall a lot of adrenaline and fun.

Heavy rainshower afterwards and arrived at home totally drenched. The hot shower felt so good..

Now its raining outside and I have a little time to think about life and stuff..

It was a good decision to come here. You can’t run away from bad feelings, but to change your place often changes your view on all the stuff happening..



No wind today because Levante changed to Poniente. On days like these it’s good to be at a place like tarifa. So many things to do in the area around. I decided to do a little bouldering with a friend of mine. Was a great day and the boulders are fantastic in this area…